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Memento Bonus Assignment

Hey Gang,

So during the last week of class we started watching the film Memento. We did not finish it because on Thursday and Friday’s classes many of you seemed to have all gotten sick at the very same time and not showed up. Anyway, I promised there would be a bonus assignment available, for those of you looking to pump up your marks a touch. Here it is…


In your prompt books, your going to analyze Christopher Nolan’s adaption of his brother’s short story Memento Mori. Your analysis should be approximately 300 words long, but feel free to go over. Make sure to use specific examples from the short story and the film to make your answers clear. You may use the questions below for guidance but feel free to go off on your own ideas, as long as you keep the focus on a comparison of the two stories, not just rambling plot summary.

  • The film expands a great deal on Jonathan Nolan’s original short story. What additions are made to the story and do you feel they add to the original narrative? Are those addition necessarily positive?
  • A number of details change from the source material to the adaption Are all of these changes arbitrary? Do you think they are done for specific reasons? What might those reasons be? Do you agree with them?
  • What material is retained from the original source? Are there specific lines/scenes/characters that can be found in both? Why did they survive the move from story to film?
  • Both stories use unconventional story telling techniques. Explain what they are and speculate as to why the author and director chose to tell their respective stories the way they do.
  • Which do you feel was a more rewarding experience? Try to look past which medium you prefer (students almost always prefer film) and explain which one tells the protagonist’s story better.

While we did not finish the film in class, if you wish to finish it on your own you may either…

a. Borrow my copy (To be returned the next day, not the next class)

b. Find it somewhere else.

I found a copy online. It’s not super legal in the strictest sense (or any sense) so use at your own risk.

That should be more than enough guidance. Good luck.




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