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Kids Prompt 1: Alphabet Book

Hey Gang,

Today we’re going to do our first kid’s book prompt. I’ve decided to start us out easy with the composition of an alphabet book. Alphabet books are one of the most basic forms of kids literature. They’re job is to reinforce letter retention for toddlers and preschoolers. Some Alphabet books are generic (A is for Apple, B is for Ball, etc) while others can get oddly specific.

Alice in Wonderland Theme

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Star Wars

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Fire Fighters

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I want you to write a specialty alphabet book.  However, simply a list a 26 words is pretty dull (and pretty easy) so I want you to combine it with a rhyming book format.

To give you an idea, I’ve starting writing my own, using an area where I am very much an expert.



Alphabet book for Adults


A is for Adult. Hooray! You’re now there.

B is for Balding. Say goodbye to your hair.

C is for Colonoscopy. You get one each year.

D is for Death. You live in constant fear.

E is for Everyone. How you hate them all.

F is for Friday Nights now spent at the mall.

G is for Gaining Weight despite exercising.

H is for Hot Flashes you have no way of disguising.

I is for IKEA. We’re you spend half your life there.

J is for JC Penny. You’ll fight with your wife there.

L is for Letters to ex-girlfriends you’re sending.

M is for Mortgage. A debt that’s never ending.

N is for


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