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Early Frankenwork

Hey Gang,

So we’re not into a in-depth look at Frankenstein. We spent last class working on a character analysis sheet for Robert Walton. Although he barely appears in the novel, we can glean a lot about his personality from the four letters and his bit at the end. I gave a handout, asking  you to identify 4 characteristics/personality traits and provide me with evidence which everyone did and handed in to me.

Today (THURSDAY, FEB 2nd) after handing in  your essays, we’ll take up those sheets.

After that, we’re going read THE STORY OF PROMETHEUS for reasons I will explain in class.

After reading the story, I’ll give you the following questions to discuss among yourselves and then we’ll talk about them together at the end of class:

  1. Based on what you know about the story of Frankenstein, why do you think it’s subtitle is “The Modern Prometheus”?
  2. What is the moral of the story of Prometheus (if there is one)?
  3. How are women treated in the story?
  4. Why does Zeus not want to give humans fire?

That’s it. Make sure you read chapters 1-6 by Monday.

Patterson Out.


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