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Frankenstein Adaptations

Film Adaptations


1930’s and 40’s – The Universal Films

Movie poster with the head of Frankenstein's monster at the center, looking forward with a somber expression. Elevated above him is a woman looking down towards the center of the image. Near the bottom of the image is the Bride of Frankenstein, looking off to the right of the image as her hair surrounds the head of Frankenstein's monster and the body of the woman. Text at the top of the image states "Warning! The Monster Demands a Mate!" The bottom of the image includes the film's title and credits. Son of Frankenstein movie poster.jpg The Ghost of Frankenstein movie poster.jpg Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man movie poster.jpg

Frankensteinhouse.jpg HouseOfDracTC.jpg

1950’s – 1970’s – Hammer Film Productions

Curseoffrankenstein.jpg Revengetitle.jpg  Evilofrankenstein.jpg Frankcreatedwoman.jpg FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED POSTER.jpg  The Horror of Frankenstein FilmPoster.jpeg Frankmonsterfromhell.jpg





The Super Garbage Ones

The Comedies

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein -1948

Young Frankenstein – 1974

Stage Version

And a bit about Mary Shelly


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