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Prompt 2: Satire

Hey Guys,

Today we worked on our second prompt. It was an attempt to write a little satire. To do this we studies 3 news briefs, two from THE ONION and one from THE BEAVERTON. All three followed the exact same style.

  • Opening: All the conceptual information
  • Mid Section: Quote from person involved
  • End: Expansion on joke with added information

I then asked every to try writing their own.

Here’s how to write one.

  1. Pick something that you hate/makes you mad/annoys you
  2. Think about the specific thing about that person/situation that makes you mad
  3. Write a news brief that mocks that specific thing.

Use the handout as a guide. If you have difficulty, ask other students what they did. All the ones people read to the class were excellent.

Good Luck.


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