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Second Short Film and Quiz Reminder

Hey Gang,

So we managed two things in class today. Just wanted to recap them and remind you about next class.

  1. We watched a second short film. This one is entitle NEW BOY by Danny Boyle. It won the Oscar for best short film and is a personal favourite of mine. After we watched it, we talked about it a bit. Here it is, in case you want to watch it again.

2. After that, we did a fun short story writing activity where we wrote 6 word short stories. They were fun. I’m sure I enjoyed them.


Next class you’re going to have a little quiz based on the stories we’ve read. I don’t think it should be particularly hard. It will consist of two types of questions:

  1. Content Questions – This is to show me you’ve read and understood the stories. If there’s anything you don’t understand, reread ’em, look for information online and/or come an ask me. “I didn’t get it” is not a reasonable excuse.
  2. Analysis Questions – We’ve spent the last few classes talking about certain simple questions we can pose to a short story (or any story for that matter), which include but are not limited to.

Character: Who is the central character and why? Do the events of the story change the central character? Do you like the characters or can you relate to them?

Story: What kind of story is the author attempting to tell us? Does the story have a moral/message? Is there a central theme? How is that theme/message communicated? Is it obvious or subtle? Is the story worth telling? Does it offer anything unique?

These are the kinds of questions I’ve been asking you about the stories we’ve looked at so you should have no trouble answering them, assuming you were not completely checked out in class.


Stop the Girl

The Cask of Amontillado



Night on Earth – Los Angeles

New Boy



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