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Final Short Story Assignment: Find your own story

Hey Gang,

Today is our last day of short story study. Judging by the quizzes I’ve already marked, you guys know your way around short story analysis. That should make this assignment pretty easy.

Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Find a short story online and read it.

This should be pretty easy. I’ve provided a series of links below that will take you short story websites. Don’t just read the first story you find. Try to search for titles, authors and subjects that interest you.

2. Answer the following questions about your short story. You can type these answers or write them by hand.

  • Provide a brief plot summary of your story
  • Who is the central character of your story and why?
  • What does this story have to offer? Is it a character piece? An interesting plot? A study in mood?
  • What age reader would you recommend this story for?
  • Did you enjoy reading this story? Why or why not?

3. Hand in the answers with the title of the short story and the author’s name on the top of your paper. This is so I can find your story later when I’m marking these questions.



Classic Short Stories:

100 Great Short Stories:

Best Short Stories 2017:








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