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1984 Intro – Dystopias

Hey Guys,

So you’ve all got copies of the novel 1984. 


The novel comes in 3 parts so we’ll divide the reading down those same lines. Here are the completion dates.

Part 1: May 2nd

Part 2: May 16th

Part 3: May 25th 

Much like Frankenstein, I’ll do some kind of quiz on those dates to check-up that you’ve done the reading. Nothing difficult. If you’ve done the reading (and stayed awake) you’ll do fine.

During this time, I won’t be assigning any homework other than the media summative assignment. Other than that, you’re only read homework is to read and understand.

As per your request, I’ll provide a couple of in-class reading periods. Let me rephrase, I’ll start with one and see if you earn another. If I have to deal with multiple “I forgot my book” excuses or catch people secretly texting (I always notice), there won’t be a second. It’s next period. Come prepared.


After that, we had a little chat about the book including topics as…

…why I’m teaching it this year

…what do people know already

…a little history of the novel

…your history with science fiction

We finished by watching a very short video and read an article about 1984 climbing to the top of the amazon best seller list earlier this year.


To conclude, we went through a PowerPoint presentation about Dystopian fiction. In case you missed it, here it is again.






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