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Osage: Orange County Bonus Assignment

Hey Gang,

So this week we’re going to take a look at the film adaptation of August: Osage County.  Anyway, I promised there would be a bonus assignment available, for those of you looking to pump up your marks a touch. Here it is…


You’re going to analyze this film adaption of Tracy Lett’s August: Osage County. Your analysis should be approximately 500 words long, but feel free to go over. Make sure to use specific examples from the play and the film to make your answers clear. You may use the questions below for guidance but feel free to go off on your own ideas, as long as you keep the focus on a comparison of the two stories, not just rambling plot summary.

  • The film is a relatively faithful adaptation of the play. However that does not mean there are not a number of changes from the source material. These changes come in three forms: addition, deletion and alteration. Give examples and provide explanations for the addition, deletion and alteration of…
    • Character
    • Setting/Location
    • Events
  • The key to a play is casting. What do you make of the casting/performances? Were roles miscast or perfectly performed? How did the portrayal on film differ from the one you imagined when we read the play
  • Film Technique: Translating a play to film is difficult since plays are sedentary and film audiences expect a movie to be kinetic. What film techniques does John Wells use to give life to this adaptation. Consider things life shot types (close up to wide shots), camera movement, angles, music, color filters and editing.

If you need to rewatch the film, is it available on Netflix.

If you need the script, borrow a copy from me.


I’ll collect this assignment anytime until the final day of class.



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