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Final Prompt for the Year… #sad

Hey Gang,

Here it is…Your last writing prompt. Take a second to collect your feelings.

Better? OK, let’s go.

We’ve spent the last 3 weeks with the gang of Tracy Letts’ August: Osage County. We read the play, watched the film and deconstructed the characters. Today we’re going to engage this thing one last time before we put Violet, Ivy, Little Charles and the rest away for good.

Despite the play being nearly 3 hours (and the film a solid 2) I think it’s just not long enough. That’s where you come in.

TASK: Write an additional scene from the play August: Osage County

GUIDELINES: Your scene must me located WITHIN the play. This means you cannot write something that happened before the start or after Barbara walks out that door – possibly for the last time.

What could you write?

  • Maybe something the play hints at….
  • Karen shows Steve the old clubhouse only to find it torn down
  • Conversation at the card table
  • Conversation among the family as they hunt for pills.

Or something completely fabricated

  • Johanna calling a friend and describing her first week of work
  • Mattie Fay apologizing to Charlie about how she treats little Charles
  • Bev’s ghost coming to Violet in the middle of the night

The possibilities are endless. Well, maybe not endless but you’ve got a lot of options.

I look forward to hearing them.





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