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Propaganda Summative

Hey Gang,

Just a few quick reminders about the Media Summative.

We begin presentation on May 29th. If you lost your copy of the summative, here it is:

Media Summative – Propaganda

If you need examples, sadly WORDPRESS will not simply allow me to post my PowerPoint. It might be filtering it out due to the imagery form my Nazi Propaganda pictures. In lieu of that, I’ve included a few modern examples at the end of this posting. I’ll give you a rubric on Tuesday so you know exactly how they will be evaluated.

Most of you have opted to A) work alone and B) make a poster, both of which are fine.

Here’s what info I have so far…

Presenters and Products


  1. Samantha and Jackie
  2. Rachel and Ann
  3. Aimee and Grace (maybe)


  1. Raphaella and Sydney
  2. Dante and Jonathan
  3. Liv
  4. Lora
  5. Will
  6. Safa
  7. Mariella
  8. Stephanie
  9. Emma N.
  10. Emma L. –
  11. Jillian
  12. Noah G and Kevin
  13. Shannon and Tyler
  14. Lindsay
  15. Emily A
  16. Madddie
  17. Nolan and Connall
  18. Caprice
  19. Noah C.
  20. Rosalia

A few examples of modern propaganda

Anti-Death Penalty

Image result for propaganda death penalty Related image

Pro-Death Penalty

Image result for propaganda pro death penalty


Image result for pro life propaganda

Image result for pro life ad

Pro-Choice Ad


Image result for pro choice ad


Image result for pro choice



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