Reminder for Next Week

Hi Writer Nerds,

Just a reminder that next week we’ve got a couple of pretty important classes.


Peer Editing Day. Make sure to bring 2 copies of your character piece to class. Please do not come to class with an excuse about why it’s not printed or showing me you have it on your phone or a million other things. If you have a problem solve it or come see me in the morning or something.

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Prompt 4: 6 word story

Our next unit is going to be a focus on story. This means the prompts are going to move away from a focus on word choice and towards story choice. However, to bridge this divide, I’ve decided to start with a prompt that requires both.

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Prompt 3: 5 Rapid Fire Character Sketches

He punks,

The other day we practiced throwing together a quick character sketch using an activity from James Patterson’s Master Class on writing. Today we’re going take that activity to the next level – or, to be more precise, up 5 levels.┬áToday I want you to come up with 5 characters in 20 minutes and a premise that ties them together. Each character should have a name and three defining traits, whatever you wish them to be.

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Characterization Methods and Homework Assignment

Hey Gang,

Today we moved away from the language of description (physical and personality descriptors to be precise) and moved onto characterization techniques. In other words, how to structure the narrative around your characterization. While the list is long and takes a lifetime to explore, I broken it down in the following handouts to 5 basic components. Here’ that handout, in case you lose it.

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